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I Can Now Tell My Story.
I can now tell my story
I give God all the glory
When I was abused I wondered where God was where was he?
I wondered did he see?
When tears started to come but I knew not to cry
I wondered oh God why?
When life was like climbing a steep hill
When times knowing my husband could kill
Where was God did he hear my prayer
Deep down I knew God was everywhere.

Times silently a million tears I'd cry
When I almost died
When my kids was hungry no food on the table
When I had to do the best as I was able.
Times I was being raped my mind went blank as could be
When I was kept in a room with out a key.
I knew to hold on to keep praying I knew someday God would hear
As he did after many many years.
My abuse he turned into a blessing so I could help others to
God must had knew.

God did understand
God did hold my hand.
God held my tears He knew more pain if I had cried out
God did stay with me when my life was almost taken that night no doubt.
God was always there even when I though he wasn't for he seemed so far away
Only God knew the abuse I went through night and day.
God has his own way his own time
I'm blessed to know God stood there by me all the time.
God took my abused and turned it around
As now many blessings has been found.

God never gave up on me
Even when God I didn't see
My children are a blessing God sent to me all seven
And the twins that are now in heaven
God sent angels to help me through
Angels as his love I could see in each one of you
Now it is still hard with panic attacks
And nightmares also flashbacks
Only now I know God is still helping me
Someday down the road I'll be strong wait and see.



By just_little_me

© 2018 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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