observing the veritas
The country is broke
storms and wars have decimated America
Now what will we have?

Socialism of course
Prisoners freed from prison
demanding equality employment

to put the new convicts
Prisoners free in our midst
making room for new crimianls

Many of them non rehabilitated
to plague our streets and cities
with more crime

The only answer is socialism
whether we like it or not
where will it end?

mass exterminations?
You have no criminal record
but will there be enough to go around

Poor as a church rat

the rich will keep theres
they have lawyers
to protect their interest
but the rest of us?
God only knows

copy right April 13 2018

Do we need to put people to work building
new prisons so they don't kill us all?

By assisi

© 2018 assisi (All rights reserved)


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