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Life's endless rhyme.
The owl hooted through velvet and willow cast jade
like an echoed complexion of dreams in the shade
and the star breezes carried the echoes away
into eddy’s of turbulent river wrapped grey,
while the moon on the bridge traced forever again
cast in born again silver mercurial rain,
as the forest breathed quietly wrapped in a night
that was ever so gradually drinking dawn’s light.

Then the shadows cried pearls that they stringed to the day
like a necklace of hopes in a blue satin tray,
as the stars jingle jangled in evening’s lost eyes
with no sign of regret, just a hint of surprise,
and the dawn mists curled tight like a watch overwound
then they suddenly snapped and crawled over the ground
like vague serpentine whispers that craved to be heard
to be carried aloft by some morningsong bird.

and as clouds bustled by on pale countenanced grey
they grew gold speckled wings as they drifted away
over icy white bedspreads and crazy paved lakes
soon to glow in their gold as the Winter sun wakes,
and far down to the land, life was bustling along
with a poem on it’s lips and a soft smiling song
that gave people a reason to give of their time
as they stopped and reflected on life’s endless rhyme.

By 33whitby4654

© 2018 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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