Get Rid Of The Advertisements

It starts with the morning sun
warming the back of my head
and moves to the aroma
of fresh black coffee.
Then a $5 lotto card nets $45
and I feel like Rocky
dancing on the steps
both fists pumping.
The anticipated package
of garden supplies arrives
while the tomato and pepper seeds
I planted and pampered
under gro lights
emerge by the dozens
and I know that my garden
will make the best salsa. Ever.

Keep an eye on those small things
for they add up like
a gang of dominos
floating forward in a cascade
of clicking exuberance
until I say
“My glass is not only full
but it tastes great.”
In the kitchen I drink in the energy
of a rock song that makes me
grab an invisible mic,
belt out the lyrics,
and gyrate in loose clothes
like a mad warrior.

By slithr

© 2018 slithr (All rights reserved)


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