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Fragile is the soul, so fragile.
It doesn’t take much to break it,
The funny thing is, that no matter how broken,
It keeps up the hope, that might leave it broken permanent, after a while.

How come we keep this hope,
How come we want to believe there is so much more,
How come we break ourselves, until we tie up a noose?
How come there is nothing, to help us, we can buy in any store?

Why is it the people, closest to their soul,
That keep getting killed,
By this cruel world?
The people who refuse to get hardened or bittered,
Who refuse to numb their soul,
But instead try their best to keep their bodies silent,
Isn’t the problem, this soullessness this world?

Connecting in a world, when people say there aren’t any connections?
When digital amusement, is all there is,
And when we connect to someone that way,
People laugh, and say ‘’yeah, yeah’’.

People are too afraid to show themselves,
As it has been forever, people are so rapidly ashamed,
Of their own thoughts and feelings,
And when someone shares them – if it isn’t in a pop song- they get laughed away?

What is this world, this soulless world,
When I can’t deny the existence of my own,
Try to make a difference perhaps?
I don’t know.

All I know, that there are so much fragile things,
Even the ones we can –no longer- admit,
Ill keep my heart and soul close,
If I chose to be no more,
I know I did try the most,
My soul had to offer,
And made sure, my heart was the biggest lover.

Fragile it is,
This soul.

By Xibell

© 2018 Xibell (All rights reserved)


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