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Retrospect and Inspiration
Looking through the mirror
some truths are so visible
that one can almost miss them.

Each emotion we feel
is a gift that is guiding us
in our direction at that moment.

I want to tell you the depth
of what I feel and share,
but that is difficult to define.

Thanking you for being who you are
is the only way to tell you
the scope of the magic that IS us.

We all bring lessons to those we love
and while some of them are difficult,
many create the joy that we feel.

As you say, you know I am with you.
I know you are with me in spirit,
through times of longer space.

Faith in any and all connections
at times may seem to vacillate,
but insight tells me why that is so.

History dictates the initial response
to related yet unfamiliar circumstances;
we must create the discernment.

Growth is the result of discerning,
the reason why we are here
and why this process can be challenging.

The times we share are our glimpses
into something real and tangible,
a sharing that only depth can reach.

Thank you again, for touching me
in such a way as to challenge the past
as we create this blessing, today.

By John Doelman

© 2018 John Doelman (All rights reserved)


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