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Frozen in time, preserved in the deep recesses of my mind, creatures, characters, that once existed in a time that no one knows is real except in storybooks, separated from a library of their memories, their beings in a more deep vault guarded by their companions, their guardians only able to rise partially to the surface when they feel they are needed, through my mind a bridge to reality but only able to exist on paper as a writers story, or an artists drawing, or painting.
Once they were actual beings that existed in a world but now they are stuck as memories, no longer 3D images just something that can only be created as a character in a book, or a creation in an artists painting or drawing a 2D image only.
They watch as a different world from their own passes by them like a very long, yet sad movie, tears frozen on their cheeks, as they long to be brought back to life, sadly they only remain as fractals of my mind, and pieces of my shattered soul, not fully created they still have splinters of themselves lost in time, as they continue to remain frozen in time separated from their memories in a library, and preserved in the deep recesses of my mind, in a vault guarded by their companions, their guards.
Fractals of a writers mind, or an artists 2D image in a sketch or a painting.

By Redrosepetals

© 2018 Redrosepetals (All rights reserved)


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