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Reindeer And Spirit Walker cont

Native American Comments & Graphics

I reach beyond the whispering wind
to ask for guidance from within.
My son in my arms lies sleeping.
Questions now of his safe keeping.

Great Spirit what have I done?
This journey
should be taken by only one?

Our village now so far away!
Great Spirit
for a sign from you I pray.

The Journey Continues

Pictures flashing within the silence of her prayer
left Reindeer confused of their meaning.

What was the Great Spirit speaking to her?
If she returned to her village the hope of finding
Spirit Walker, would be gone to what once was, forever.

What could she have been thinking to bring
this young soul to the wilderness in search of
his father? Yet his picture remained in the vision,
as all of their pictures had remained?

Many days already traveled
between what was home and what is now.
She had come too far to turn back now,
but what about the baby?

Where would back be? She was not even sure
she could find her way to home from here.

Before there had been a familiarity to the landscape.
Now . . . All Reindeer could do was pray that the Great Spirit
would help them find their way.

Grass and water has become scarce.
Reindeer was worried for her old friend Poncho.
The trail now had become treacherous
and it was becoming increasingly difficult for
him to carry the weight of two. Even though one
of his riders was very tiny, his supplies found weight.

The wolves were just beginning to sing their mournful song
as Poncho stumbled and almost fell.
She dismounted to try to ease his suffering.

'I am so sorry fellah. So very sorry!'

Her thoughts returned to the day
this nightmare had its beginning. How foolish she had been!
Why had she not listened to the wisdom of her Mother?

She had only in her lifetime kissed Spirit Walker.
What kind of insanity had made her think she wanted
to taste the lips of another Brave?

There had been no sign of Spirit Walker since he had fled
after seeing her with Lone Wolf at the waters edge.

He had to have seen them!
Why else would he have greeted her by breaking the
cerimonial arrow upon her return to their teepee?

He hadn't remained . . .

He hadn't stayed long enough
to see her push Lone Wolf away!

This realization is what has brought her
to the middle of nowhere.

It is why she will . . . she must,
continue this quest to find her beloved.
She can't loose him forever
to only a misunderstanding of vision.

Somehow she must make him understand
that what he thought he had seen,
was really not what he had seen at all.

Did that make any kind of sense?
She was too tired to know.

Running Bear began to cry. He was again hungry.
With fresh meat in little supply,
she was not able to produce the amount of milk
he needed to keep his belly filled.

What had she done? Oh what had she done!

As the tears of sheer hopelessness brims her eyes,
in the distance the silence is broken by the soft calling of drums.

''Poncho!!! A village.

Oh please Great Spirit let them
welcome three weary travelers!

Come on fellah, we can go on
just a little further.

Just a little further . . . .''

Within the sound of silence . . .

''Reindeer, I am with you. Your pathway lies just ahead.
Listen with your heart Reindeer . . .
Listen with your heart.''

To Be Continued . . . .

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

Reindeer and Spirit Walker
May 9, 2018

By Aspiring Angel

© 2018 Aspiring Angel (All rights reserved)


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