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I Said Yes!
I knew Him from the Starlite Cafe
I posted poems almost everyday
He would post his poems there to
We`d both comment on a few
He wrote about how ill his wife had been
I wrote about my husband being in the Hospital again
Then He wrote God called his wife to come home
Two days later my husband got the call.Not on the phone
But the call from Jesus to come to him
His life on earth was over,Now he`d join them
Well this sweet man and I met on facebook
I got a friend request,Had to take a second look
Then I realized it was him.We started talking on messanger
He lived far away but wanted to meet for sure
He came to see me ,We got along pretty good
Then he went back home,He`d come back he said he would
He came back for visits every now and then
Now he wants us to be more then just a friend
We said we love one another and then
He asked me to marry him,I said yes to him
It`s been 12 years since we`ve lost our partners in life
I think they would like to see me become his wife
For they always told us to find someone else if they left
I left it up to God ,I think He worked this out,for God know whats best.


By Libra

© 2018 Libra (All rights reserved)


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