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The Girl Hidden In Herself
Petals turn brown with touch
I was the girl who talked too little
Then too much
Making a fool of myself
Cheeks start to flush
Telling myself to be quiet
But I never said enough

My brain was covered in dust
With no one there to spill it to
Eyes that looked for everything
But eyes that saw too much
Sitting all alone
Waiting for the bus
Like the dying fruit of the bunch

Opening my insides up
To anyone who dared to touch
Hoping that the sight of them
Spread all over the place
Wouldn't make them run
But they always did
Seeing me as the stranger
Who'd just said too much
Leaving me to myself
But myself is just enough

I found the bitter taste of love
Prying for it where I shouldn't
But my words were like a drug
Making all of their heads spin
Making them feel young again
They say I have a sweet voice
So sweet it makes you blush
Waking up every morning
Remorse all in my gut
Telling myself I'd abandon them
Knowing that I must
Night time found the truth in me
Someone you shouldn't trust

But I have spoken to the sun
And I know that she means well
Accepting her love
Trying to return it
Not really knowing what it means
When I peer up above
Because all I can do is squint

By annah

© 2018 annah (All rights reserved)


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