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tonight i remember back when things were simple
and the children played, together with so much
happiness, on sidewalks, under street lights.
everything seemed in order, direction so right.

lives mattered, long time ago.
brotherly love dreams unfolded
compassion, kindness and
good stories to children were told.

the path now leads no where for children
to flourish, grow strong in the Lord
unless the family travels the right road
showing them another way than what
the world is teaching them...

tonight i remember back when things were simple
beauty bloomed outside my windows
weeds were far less to grow
God was in the schools
doors and windows were left open.

play ground filled with children laughing
rhythm of the swings were dancing
smiles upon each child's face
God was found in those old school rooms


By girlsisy

© 2018 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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