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It hurts
I sometimes feel a numbness
people are trying to help me
yet, there is an invisible wall
it only lets in so much

I have forgotten how to cry
the days are numbered
the nights are longer
the bed is soft, inviting

I pray to God that he will help my lover
I love him so much
I miss him
it was so sudden, like a machete

that hacked off my arm
the bullet hole that pierced my heart
that pulled off my skin to uncover
the raw beating of my heart

the blood that drained
the exposure

and you didn't care
you who allowed it to happen

you are so cruel
yet I am drawn to you

I want the old you back
I want you to be better

then I can let you go
right now, you need me

as much as I need you
I miss you so much

please, please come back
please...I don't know what else to do

my heart is so damaged
I didn't realize how much I loved you

until you left me in shambles
and now you are my breath
my shadow
the songs on the radio

the smell of the cologne
the food you liked to eat
the feel of your lips

I can't make my brain forget
I hate you!

By Hispbeauty

© 2018 Hispbeauty (All rights reserved)


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