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Miss American Pie
A long, long time ago
I still remember how the
American Dream used to make me smile.
And I knew if I had my way,
That I would make those people stay
And maybe they’d be safe…
For a while.
But January made me shudder
As a daughter, as a mother.
Bad news all around me
A shameful time in history.
An entire people demonized by a
Xenophobic with an immigrant bride.
Injurious prejudices were normalized
The day Democracy died.
Bye, Bye Miss American Pie
Signed a treaty but got greedy
So they built a pipeline.
Flint residents are drinking whiskey and rye
Singing, “This’ll be the day that I die.
This’ll be the day that I die…”

By Scarlet Charm

© 2018 Scarlet Charm (All rights reserved)


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