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What's Wrong with the World Today.?
I hear many people say
What's wrong with the world today?
Take a look around
Many bodies falling to the ground.
Children getting shot almost every day
Children getting killed not Gods way.
What's wrong with the world
What are we teaching our boys and girls?
About God many don't even talk of Him
Many think there doing right but living in sin.
Children can see can hear
More children living in fear.
Do you see a Bible in a house anywhere
Is it full of dust and laying round some where.

Do the children of today know a bible verse
Taking God out yes things will get worse.
Someone don't like the way you dress
Someone don't like you for your a different race then the rest.
Some one just has a mean spot in there mind
These days many are so unkind.
To talk of Jesus no one listens to
In a hurry they have so many things to do.
God is the same today tomorrow and always will be
He died for our sins you and me.
Can't we live for him someday we will in heaven above
The ones who really share his love.
Teach the children to love not kill
For killing is not Gods will.


By just_little_me

© 2018 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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