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My Poetry is My Diary
My poetry is my dairy
Each poem contains
a little of me...
When I started writing
many years ago

The words flowed easily.
I had so many feeling
locked up inside
poetry allowed me
to set my inner thoughts
and feelings free.

I saw writing poetry
as a way to leave
my children, and
future off-spring,
what I hoped would be
the best part of me.

I once wrote poetry
nonstop.... I wanted so
for those who would
read my poetry to
get a clear,word painted,
picture of who I am,
and what makes me- me.

I thank God everyday
for his gift of poetry that
allows me to give wings
to the emotions inside of me.

That allows me to touch others
with my poetry-
The same way their poetry
touches me.

-Jan Tetstone

5:45 p.m. May 28, 2018

By Heartsong

© 2019 Heartsong (All rights reserved)


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