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A Message From God
One day, years ago,
My mother's heart
was broken...
after not heeding
the message in my
child's dream...

I'll tell the dream
to you the way my
child told her dream
to me:

'I was walking down
the isle in my wedding
There was a casket
behind me.
No matter how hard
I tried to see who
was in the casket
every time I was
about to see who
was in the casket
I woke-up.'

The same dream she
had night after night
Just a few weeks before
her wedding day.

She looked forward to
marrying her one true love.
See had planned everything
to a tee.

She was beautiful and her
happiness showed on her face
Her dream of being married
to the man she wanted to
spend her life with- to her
was about to come true.

What did her dream about the
casket have to do with anything?
It was a message from God that
was sent to me in my daughter's

I didn't know it at the time but
While my daughter was making plans
for her wedding ,God was making
plans to call in his loan.

Just two weeks before her wedding
God called my daughter home.
-Jan Tetstone

3:38 p.m. May 29, 2018

Take nothing for granted
make every moment count
with the ones you love....
Being warned didn't make
losing my child any easier. jt

By Heartsong

© 2019 Heartsong (All rights reserved)


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