opalescent pearls.

Opalescent pearls..

Uncountable idyllic days carried gentle heart beating rhythms
to the furthermost shores like when dawn dances a rainbow of prisms
A fulfilling and freshening breeze had gentle-like, right by me blown
For all one ever really hopes to be, is not always easily or freely shown.

Without pretence or lost on the difference of changes or coming of a view
When peering through black night glass into the unknown, yet always true
You found one key hole ... a single ray that spread out back on this pond,
A monochromatic glowing like a wave rising when night lights had shone.

Yet when the composer of life's masterpiece, with psalm and prayer, had flown
To creation's melodic score, a warming hearth that leads on to heaven's eternal home
Affording to a spirit cry, is hope for precious life of loving all of life within a searching soul
That somehow peace would not leave when so many still are feeling so all alone.

Then without reservation, within faith that it is... as always in the ways of true love,
A family, a gift like opalescent pearls, night to day have shone ... from His throne above
Sort of like a rainbow's promise, compassionately hands reach out into a hurting world,
When rains are falling down and summer breezes blew where harbour river water swirled...

...a leaf of olive green... I have often thought of what real love and mustard seeds can do,
As goodness of hearts are born of ideals I want to live in me ... they live on embedded in you.


By Debera

© 2018 Debera (All rights reserved)


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