His Angel

He watches her as she walks alone
Among the beds of granite
And houses of stone.
He turns away for he cannot bear
To hear the sadness clinging to air.
Silent prayers then touch his soul
For he feels the memories begin to unfold.
He turns back to watch her with tears in his eyes...
And walks to join her for he then decides
That she must not walk alone
Among the names carved in stone.
He reaches for her trembling hand
And then begins to understand.
She is an angel and she led him here
So that he could visit with no doubt or fear.
Memories whispers, he cannot breathe
For he is now seeing he must grieve.
She never wanted to say goodbye.
She did not want to bring him pain.
No, he must live and dream again!
He watches her place two entwined flowers
Upon a stone that bears her name.
He falls to his knees in tethered shame.
She fades into the stone of death
But whispers with a final breath....
I am with you, my love,
With each passing day.
I did not wish to go away
But it was my time, you see.
It was not a choice given me.
Our memory of together will not fade
But I bring you here to persuade.
Walk on, my love, and know this to be true...
Always will I walk with you.
He rises and wipes his tears
And a sigh he then hears
For she knows that he has heard
And felt her every word.
Love does not have to die
Even if one must say goodbye.
It lives on in dreams and thought
And in every memory love has brought.
He walks away with a heart now filled
With a love he knows will never still
For an angel, his angel,
Has brought him here
To ease his doubt
And erase his fear.

Written for the Word Painting challenge
Host: SilverDawn (Rhonda)

By Myrna D.

© 2018 Myrna D. (All rights reserved)


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