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Memory Quest.
I looked around knowing I’d been here before
But I still couldn’t think of the where or the when,
Like a scene in some long ago romantic play
From a time when I still didn’t know what to say,
When a storm cloud meant rain and a blue sky meant sun
I still never realised how my life was being spun,
I could feel that there’d been someone special to me
And that somehow we would once again come to be.

I became self taught in sweet serendipity’s song
And as the days passed I flowed gently along,
Although I didn’t know it, we grew ever near
And in my dreams your soft song grew clear,
I knew you would hear me as we both dreamed
That we’d be together, at least so it seemed,
Then I saw your sweet face wrapped up in dream mist
And there’d be no rest until your lips I had kissed.

I travelled so far as I followed your smile
Like a traveller walking for mile upon mile,
Until I came to a pathway that led to a glade
In a wood was a cottage bathed in soft shade,
And sat on a chair staring sweetly at me
The green eyed remembrances that came to be,
As she combed her soft hair with her ivory comb
And I heard her soft whisper say “Welcome back home”...

By 33whitby4654

© 2018 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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