A Dad's Special Day

With the ocean lapping at his feet
White crested waves to and fro
The gentle sound of their ebbing
This was his favorite place to go

He wasn't alone this particular day
A small child he held in his arms
As they neared the water's edge
The little one had become alarmed

With a choke-hold around his neck
Looking each other in the eyes
'Why are we standing in the water?'
The man told him it was a surprise

The little boy was the man's only son
And he was certain today was the day
They would spend the whole time alone
This day was so special in many a way

He said, 'Look at the ocean, Son
Those big things are waves rolling in
There are lots of seashells we can gather
And then, if you like, we can come again

As he waded further out into the water
The waves were becoming pretty strong
The little boy panicked and held on tighter
'It's okay! It's okay, Son! What's wrong?'

'It looks scary, Daddy, and I can't swim!
Do monsters live in there, will they eat me?'
He could see his son wasn't quite ready
So they went back up to the sandy beach

They still went in search of seashells
The man and his son had so much fun
They even built a huge castle out of sand
Just the two of them playing in the sun

When the day was done, the little boy said,
'I love you this much, Daddy!'
Standing there with his little arms spread wide
That made the man, his dad, so happy!


Anything Goes Challenge

By Adele Kaye

© 2019 Adele Kaye (All rights reserved)


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