Sunshine ; prayers and psalms

In mind, by side breathing comforting
rhythms of real life... heart~enhanced
stroll these trails by wetlands
mirrored together with a fair weather sky that danced
find and tuck in mind a new born page...those
life~giving memoirs and sage rhyme
open them every sunny or rainy day
in or out of need to think on treasures sublime...

For within wispy words of healing, tenderly sown,
tinged with salty residue edges...
(... never remove empathy's shoes)
being true to the bond of forever friends and pledges.
What can I say to a constant of caring reaching
inside seasoned pockets of hope?
When impelled, fills a journey of ink and quill
today, yesterday and forever whenever 'want' becomes a 'need' to cope

And when waves do swell, mesmerized, spell chords
'pon prayers and psalms that sing a dream.... down and so deep
He dropped anchor and I, my net,
guarded by angels at sea, in rivers and falls and harbours of heart
and soul to safely keep ...
for if you are on a sandy shore and there spied
that polished glass bottle beside an embedded trumpet shell
Raise up, listen in, hear a lullaby of words
sing to spirit near breezin' shore trade winds...
................where wishes and so many dreams dwell...

Written for Tiny Teddy's Challenge
Her phrase,
'journey of ink and quill'

Music courtesy embedded
John Denver
'Sunshine On My Shoulders'

By Debera

© 2018 Debera (All rights reserved)


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