if you can't sleep...

if you can't sleep

if restiveness assails interrupting a caravan of dreams
or if that sandman taps gently on your thoughts unseen
if this atmosphere slices your need for forty ~ winks in half
can your land of slumber wait, will you step again on this path?
while you collect your thoughts then gather up in binding seams
weave creative words together into your own style of poetic filigree
pandemonium may very well break loose and disrupt this land of nod...
but all are richer by far when in cafe' rooms you choose poetically to trod

Counting sheep wouldn't work for me when insomnia gets a grip
Knowing me every sheep would soon have name and I would slip
Into thoughts of friend or foe and think on what they are going through
I'd probably play Holy Ghost Jr then dream up a plan to help them too

No, by far my best solution is to just think on every blessing given
Right at the top of the list would be how thankful I am for just living
To be able to find peaceful places that calm me down if I feel afraid
To count on retreats, sometimes, I need the feel of the peaceful glade

To rest beside the running stream that trickles down into the pond
Watching the little red fox babies chase each other in afternoon sun
To listen to crazy croaking choir of frogs out by the old Banyan tree
My mother close by, if she could she'd do just about anything for me

If my garden prune and clip or if overgrown with weeds spend time praying
While on my knees know that God listens to every word i am thinking or saying
The good neighbors close by and poets that care when any have a need
A place to worship, with hope for being always kind to our church and family

These are the things that give me rest and it really doesn't take very long
To drift to sweet lands of nod, then wake to the love of God in hymn or song
The old 'Count Your Blessings' to the new... 'Who Am I?'
I thought long and soft of how richly God gave every child ... life.

Two embedded video courtesies
'Count Your Blessings'

'Who Am I?'

By Debera

© 2019 Debera (All rights reserved)


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