Stewards of Sky Gardens.
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In a sea of clouds billowing milky chiffon
layer upon layer, kind after kind
entwined by jade and vine
caressed by wispy sighs of fennel...
and surrounded in creamy
elderberry blossoms...

Dawn is my place to begin again,
voice gratitude ... revealing attitudes
chatting with God in
lackadaisical stride

my ownership of sky lights
in days and nights
balanced by Beatitudes
and rainbows bright
stewards of His gifts
like angels or as birds of flight

Topics splashed, unabashed in flashes of
enlightenment point my eyes
upward towards the gate...
Those visions of peace
like fluffy heavenly fleece....

He bids me to come
'Reason together' He says
So we contemplate
perhaps under a snowy white almond tree
where that cottony sea in the sky
somehow carries back
to dream gardens of Spring.

Swirls of thought, are simple
in sky gardens of white
with an evergreen backdrop
set apart a lovely scene
and maze of every colour of each day

When I am hushed and in prayer
listening under a sparkling
heavens floor...
...those galaxies held together
and framed by His Word...

''I have no suggestions Lord...
only praise at day break in
the my garden sky, a cloud of white...
from a **braugh brech starry night...
comes the light of morning sun
I shall begin again
with every new day dawn...''

All Stars Challenge
with Marianna Jo
her phrase ...
'my ownership of sky'

The Beautitudes
Sermon on the Mount;
Matthew 5: 1-12

music courtesy...
Sungha Jung
'Milky Way'

By Debera

© 2018 Debera (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - All Stars Challenge with mariannajo (Marianna Jo)-read page for rules, info, REQUIRED PHRASE (challenge has been closed)

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