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Our Starlite Home.


Thank you brother Steve and sister Brandy
You both are special and sweeter then any candy.
You both work very hard to keep our starlite home
So we gather right here and don't have to roam.
We can share a cup of coffee or tea with one another
We treat each other as sister and brother.
Times love is found
Right here on starlite grounds.
Times we write our feelings out and tears we share
Others seem to know what we're talking about and someone is always there.
Now our home is messing up needs extra help we know
We all have to help so we can grow.
We can help in different ways
Some might know how to fix it some might send money some can only pray
I pray for our starlite family. friends and new comers every day.
Starlite is a place to share our joy our tears
My starlite family has grown through the years.
We owe a big Thanks to brother Steve and sister Brandy to
They work very hard for me and for you.
Many would feel lost and lonely and well I'm for one who'd go crazy
Our starlite home is there we pray it'll keep growing like a rose or a field of daises.

By just_little_me

© 2018 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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