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Tide of Time

Memories flowing, against the tide of time,
slowly, closing my eyes, I bundle all thoughts,
capturing what was, when roses were fresh
and new..

Laughter bursting through sunlight, running
through the park, those were the days of
wine and roses, days when love lingered
softly, among candle light dinners..

Enchanted by the glow, love appeared
like a dream, still not a reality, yet when I
close my eyes, I find, it was merely a dream,
nothing could of been so perfect..

Now I lay emotionless, a new time, a time
when roses fall, there beauty soon will be
another memory, another rose shall take
it's place among the wilted ones, there
fragrance filling the air, where once
romance dazzled two hearts..

Memories flowing softly against the tide
of time, kissing what was good-bye..

By Derena

© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)


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