Summertime (for mom)


Long ago I called on You,

Afraid of the unknown,

The song that my mom sang to me,

Echoed through the halls of long ago,

When it seemed that I might lose the fight,

I remembered that old song,

Again the peace came back to me

And how she held me in her arms.

The other day I strolled on down,

To where the dock stands in the gulf,

While troubled by so many thoughts

And how to work things out,

I gazed up to the cotton clouds ...

I knew that You were standing by,

With open arms and helping hands,

You both saw the tears I cried...

Peeked round a bush... I saw a fish

Jump right out of the water!

Reminding me, yet once again...

How blessed I am to be your daughter.

Thank you mom...


By Debera

© 2019 Debera (All rights reserved)


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