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The soul does not fail

The soul does not fail,
The sprit always is strong,
If you feel tired or weak,
That itís not the soul, but you that ails,
Ego that is confused and wrong,
And the emotion of you that is frail,
Social media, is always a great treat,
But please do not allow it to defeat,
Who you truly are inside and out,
That you as yourself, have the true clout,
Likes and dislikes do not make a man,
Your pretty, your fine, does not make a woman,
What makes us and breaks us is truly ourselves,
If you truly want to deep dive and delve,
Into the trueness that is you behind the screen,
Then nothing will affect you no matter kind or mean,
We are special, we are here, and we have a purpose,
Find your purpose and allow no usurp,
Be better than the previous day, that is your gauge,
And then you will truly, turn lifeís page.

By Troylato

© 2018 Troylato (All rights reserved)


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