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As the night creeps in
And the darkness falls,
She sits alone again
Inside four grey walls.

No television just a radio
Classical music flowed,
The spiders danced in cobwebs
Above her as she quietly sewed.

She always opened the back door
At tenO'clock to an empty space,
Hoping to see her husband appear
Greeting her with his smiling face.

He has been gone this twenty year
But she still makes his coco every night,
And fills his hot water bottle
Then reads a book until daylight.

She talks to him about the world today
She has his photo on the side,
They had been childhood sweethearts
Very much in love, in him she could confide.

But now alas her world was full of solitude
No friends to talk laugh and pass the time,
Her sight was fading much, much too quick
She was afraid to go out because of the street crime.

She laughs to herself just thinking out loud
Because she has to walk with a silly frame,
Because her hip is bothering her quite a bit
Years ago she had been a dancer, now she was lame.

She had to live on a meagre pension that was a joke
Her cat couldn't give a damn except about his food,
And as she hobbled round her furniture she smiled
As a voice on the radio said, this one is called in the mood.

In the mood she said out loud for nobody to hear
There is life in this old body yet my dear,
I'm in the mood for dancing, love and romancing
So come on shake your body into gear.

She laughed and laughed and swept the years away
But of course her old legs would not obey,
In those few moments life and beauty had returned
As she sat down smiling she thanked god for another day.

By listener

© 2018 listener (All rights reserved)


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