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Lord Hear Me Now
Let me spirit fly
Kajuncutie Myrna

ALL-STAR Challenge with given phrase

Lord Hear me now
Let my spirit fly
Higher and higher
To the heaven in the ski

Lord of host
I give up my ghost
To you I give all my praise
For you are Lord of all Lord of host

To you dear Lord
I give up my ghost
Rise up my spirit to the
sky sky sky So high so high

So dear Lord Hear me now
Let my spirit fly fly fly
It's way to heaven Known
Let me sit next to your throne

Dear Lord I will sing to you a blessed song
Put up my petitions of what I did wrong
Hear me please dear Lord
Hear me on my accord

Correct me where I went wrong
straighten my crooked path
to the straight and narrow that you forecast
If only I could of walked that straight and narrow path

By SuperSlimJim

© 2018 SuperSlimJim (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - All Stars Challenge with Myrna D  (Myrna)-read page for rules, info, REQUIRED PHRASE (challenge has been closed)

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