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Mindful of you and you

Moment by moment,
Day by day,
Hour by hour,
Second by second,
We only lament,
On the present play,
As we never tower,
To the past that beckons,
When we eat, we should taste,
When we hear, we should remember,
When we speak, we should mindful,
When we walk we should feel each step,
Each second should not be waste,
Each sound should be a fresh ember,
Each word should not stifle,
Mindfulness is what we should live,
Living in the now is now,
Being in this world is more than being,
Time is your friend, collaborative,
Work with it and you will see how,
That each moment we should be seeing,
Is a golden compass ever fleeing.

By Troylato

© 2018 Troylato (All rights reserved)


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