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The Church of Rome became spectacularly rich
While the common people were incredibly poor
The bishops & priests did very well indeed
While saying they had a spiritual “cure”

They were gateholders to heaven you see
By giving your money to build a cathedral
You'd get a free pass to paradise
In this way they had you in their thrall

In other ways too they ensured your help
By warnings of your painful burning in Hell
For eternity you'd be tortured by monsters
And become a permanently screaming shell

It became an excellent money-spinner for them
As you can see across Europe today
The soaring stone of many cathedrals show
That their carrot and stick really did pay

And now in our present sinful age
We see the huge buildings evangelicals build
Their coffers are full and raiments fine
And their bank balances are always well filled

But what of the founders of these places?
Sadly their ethical nature often falls short
We hear the scandals their money allows
With lowly prostitutes they often consort

While preaching of goodness and avoidance of sin
We hear of sex with children from these 'paragons'
These men of God appear to have no problem
F**king the kids of their flock, daughters and sons

But strangely the flock returns once again to pray
To talk in tongues, to sing, shake and donate
To raise their voices in praise of holy profit
Giving ever more as they take the bait


It is the holy scam, a very comforting lie
That a guy with a beard lives up in the sky
He loves you but tortures you if you're bad
The entire silly fantasy is incredibly sad

It’s there mostly for profit gained from your sighs
With a few good souls involved deluded by lies
Nonsense broadcast that can make you feel good
But living free of it all really you should

Where there’s profit to be had or power
You will find it is mostly men involved
For money or sex they will tell you lies
Isn’t it time we became more evolved?

Leave behind religion with its hate, wars and trash
With its lies and pedophilia and yearning for cash
Rely on your own goodness that comes from within
And avoid all words that profit from sad holy spin.


© 2018 KANEIX (All rights reserved)


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