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We met st Starlight.

We first met at the Starlite Cafe
And now we are married today
I first posted there in 1999 I know
He also started posting there a long time ago
He was posting poems about his wife
How he loved her and she would soon leave his life
I was posting about my husband not going to make it through
And soon God took his wife and my husband to
We were both so lonely for years and years
Then he sent me a friend request Without any fears
I accepted his friend request on facebook
I knew who he was from the Cafe I never had to look
We started talking on there,He came to town to meet me
We really liked one another,I felt like God has meant this to be
My husband and his wife told us to find someone ,Do not be alone
After God had made his calls and called them both home
He went back to Michagen, Then we wrote one another every day
And he would call me every night and we`d write again good night we would say
He came back a few more times to visit me, When he would leave
I missed him so, The heart break and loneliness I could`nt believe
Then one day he sent me a puzzle that said I love you Dorothy
I couldn't beleive what he had wrote on the puzzle what he said to me
Would you take my hand and marry me, and he signed it forever Rick
I think he knew that I loved him to and that would do the trick
So I called him and said yes We were both so excited we made the arrangments
And were married a few weeks later. We are both very happy and content
Thank you Jesus for blessing my life once again, I am so happy
I am no longer sad and alone /He has come to share my life with me.


By Libra

© 2018 Libra (All rights reserved)


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