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Tears from Heaven
Tears fall from heaven
so much to nourish, so
much to water upon this
poor earth we live..

Tears fall from eyes,
from sorrow, from joy
or just to wash away

Tears from the angels
they fill our rivers, they
fill our oceans, watching
the wrong men do.

Tears from our almighty
he cries for the sins of
his children, it hurts him
to see the wrong they

Mother, she cries tears
enough to fill the mighty
world of beauty, watching
her earth crumble before
her eyes.

Broken from love gone bad
a hurt never healing, a
heart falling apart little at
a time, tears that fill a
river, tears that heaven

(In time all shall find peace within)

By Derena

© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)


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