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A walk i took
Among the trees
They seemed to talk
In the ruffling breeze

They danced and swayed
And pranced and leapt
Into their midst
My mind was swept

Inside the forest
Where giants grow
I found a peace
I'd never known

These gentle folk
Their canopies spread
Whispered to me
And soothed my head

From their roots
To their limbs above
I felt the joy
Of Mother earth's love

Yet mankind devours
With ruthless pace
These jewels of green
On our planets face

And when they're gone
All felled and axed
We'll all look back
At our shameless act

So take a walk
Before they're gone
Inside a forest
And hear its song....

By blackbird2

2003 blackbird2 (All rights reserved)

By sprocket

© 2018 sprocket (All rights reserved)


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