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A Mirage
A mirage

A traveler I see
That person is me
Reflecting upon the fine grains of sand
Scattered collected everywhere

The heat is unbearable
As I contemplate my life
Endless thoughts, a chatteith the hasty wind
I find that I'm alone once again

I see a mirage with a curtain as itís rainbow
Trudging forward I plow
Bearing my head deep
Looking for pieces.
I weep

As I search shadows
That chase behind
Making silhouettes of nothingness
Tracing images in the air and across the yellow sky

Those rainbows of my dreams
Dance in order to be fed
The mirage, my imagination
As I thirst for them and they continually tease me dancing away inside my head

images speed through the highway of my mind
the voices I hear are nothing but empty
I find myself looking around at the scattered pieces of my brain, I search inside.

I want to run but I can't
My feet are sinking in the sand
Each grain of sand a part of me
I want to scream loud
I look for a hand....

I hope my scream will echo
So I muster with all my might
But the deafening sounds are hollow
Nothing returns back, no horizon beckons, no hand to hold, destination at sight

There is no water to quench my thirst
As I lick my parching lips for moisture
I'm still stuck in the raw desert sand.
A place, a no manís land

I understand today
Thereís nobody but me
No friend nor foe to talk about
My thirst to quench my endless chatter of this mindís insanity

Vulgar and perverse
How can I be alone
This day I surrender
A traveler must return home

I awake in my own bed
Shaking from this funny dream
But I felt something was unsaid
And a heap of sand had covered my bed

I wonder if this may be a dream inside a dream
Iím scared to my bones
I seal my eyes tighter
As I shiver, Iím not yet ready to see

Suddenly I was shook
Rapid eye movement began
I awoke abruptly
To the shaking of my motherís hand

Thank goodness this grain of sand is in the desert I suppose
Work is my place...
Then my soul beckons to carry on

My soul and my heart is aligned
away from the terror of the night
a whole new backdrop awaits me
I hope not for another dreadful night

Written together by Tulika Dugar and Eva Marie Carley

By Raggedyann

© 2019 Raggedyann (All rights reserved)


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