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My Name is R.A.D.S.
My Name is R.A.D.S.

(Reactive Attachment Disorder Syndrome)

I am a helpless, tiny baby. My mother discarded me. She deprived me of basic needs tiny babies need in their life. I was taken away from her and another mother took me in who met all my needs.
Here is my story. I am a 'nobody'.

Hear me; see me.
I'm hungry; feed me.
I'm thirsty; give me a drink
I cry; wipe my tears.
Love me; embrace me.
Touch me; hold me.
I'm cold; keep me warm.
I'm dirty; bath me.
I'm hurting; comfort me.
I'm broken; mend me.
I am empty; fill me up.
I want to learn; teach me.
Stay with me; don't go away.
Don't go: I'm afraid.
I'm lost; find me; love me.
I am scared for life.

If you put yourself in my shoes for just one day, then you would understand how I feel.
I didn't ask to be born. I am a nobody.

Janice Bumbalough Marler

By dolores39

© 2018 dolores39 (All rights reserved)


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