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Ode To Another Day
Busy, bustling, hurry, flurry
Rushing to get ready to catch the train
Pull on your coat, grab laptop and bag
Mustnít be late today of all days

Arrive at the station, with minutes to spare
Joining the throng impatiently waiting
Cacophony of sounds, heads expectantly lifted
As the train stops and all rush for the door

Sighs of relief as you sink into your seat
Place laptop and bag on the table before
Searching for tickets in every pocket,
Relief when you find them, relaxing once more

The ticket collector, slowly moving down the aisle
Is stopping to check allís valid and ok
You hand him your ticket, bought just that morning
Breath held until he returns it again

Half an hour later, itís time to alight,
Run to the office, avoid any delay
Greet all your colleagues already assembled
Place papers and files on the table before you
Presentation awaiting, the start of a New day.

By Elianna

© 2018 Elianna (All rights reserved)


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