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Remembering Why We Must Remember Repost

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Remembering Why We Must Remember

I will say good-bye to only a picture.

I will sit within a church, listening to the music
that once would have brought comfort,
but now means nothing to me.

I will remember the child I cradled in my arms as a baby . . .
weep, for the grandchildren that will never be mine to hold.

Today, I stand in the midst of twisted steel and falling ash.
People of lost hearts wander aimlessly. Our eyes meet.
There are no words spoken between us.
There are no words to describe the pain that is ours!

We hope. We pray. Miracles do happen!
Will a miracle be granted to us today?

They can't find you!
My God, why can't they find you?

The fires burn. Hearts cry. Mothers, fathers,
wives and children, of all who perished with you,
watch as yet another flag is draped to shelter
a vessel that once held a soul. Have they found you?
Please Lord, please, let them have found you!

A nightmare? This has to be a nightmare!
How could there truly be such a hell on earth?

Flowers, spread amongst the rubble.
Dogs, clawing at the scent of lost dreams.

The fires! Why won't the fires stop burning?

Bone aching weariness, penetrates the falling
of yet another night of hopelessness. The eyes
of the firemen are haunted with the reality
of the next discovery. The cranes work endlessly,
lifting another piece of steel to be set aside
and labeled a weapon of murder.

I can't remain here! Is this hatred?
Will this feeling for the madmen
that have caused this, remain with me forever?

As I turn to walk away, I again see your bike in the driveway.
I remember the excitement of your first baseball game.
The love in your eyes as you stood to become a husband,
is once again, so plainly seen.

Small fragments of pictures that once brought joy at their
remembrance has been robbed from me. Will I ever again
be able to look upon them in happiness?

I leave with you this final tribute,
to stand beside all the others in this cemetery of
devastation. A few simple words written . . .
a heart, I fear, lost forever, in the anguish of despair.

My heart remains with you today within these ashes.
May it warm you in your slumber.
My tears for what might have been, fall upon the ground
in which you lay. May the prayers of all that mourn your
passing, carry you gently to the arms of the Father.

The horror of this injustice must never be forgotten.

Why did I come here? Why wouldn't I listen?
To remember a picture of your smiling face upon a canvas,
will now be . . . what should have been.

Tomorrow, I will say good-bye to a picture?

Dear Jesus, how can I leave you here!

*I am not the Mother of this write
But she was/is someone's Mother
and my heart still cries for her today

Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel

Reposted September 9, 2018

By Aspiring Angel

© 2018 Aspiring Angel (All rights reserved)


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