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The beach was deserted it wasn't a warm night
The sky was overcast and the wind was beginning to bite,
The ocean roared as the sand swirled in my face
As if giving me a message of what was I doing in this place.

My Border Collie ran towards me and tugged at my coat
And there in the darkness I could see something afloat,
It looked like a body and as it bobbed to and fro in the sea
I quickly swam out to it, that water was freezing believe you me.

A young lady what was she doing here, where had she been?
I didn't know the answer but this was no dream,
A nightmare was unfolding before my very eyes
This was my daughters best friend I tell you no lies.

I gave her the kiss of life, I was sure she was dead
I panicked inside but tried to keep cool in my head,
The face I could see but I refused to believe with my brain
My daughter's best friend who lived just down the lane.

I tried again and this time she muttered something and moaned
I said what happened to you? She just turned on her side and groaned,
She said, you don't understand but I was sure glad I had caught her
Why didn't you leave me to die in this freezing cold water?

I said don't be so silly Susie have you taken any drugs?
Let's get you to hospital we can tell them you were attacked by thugs.
She said it's all your fault you treated me so bad
Didn't you realise I loved you? No you wouldn't she said, you are too sad.

Then I realised her infatuation with me had driven her quite mad
I was her lecturer at College and played a few rounds of golf with her Dad,
She screamed at me, you're gonna pay for saving my life you fool
I didn't know what the answer to this situation was but I knew I had to keep cool.

She made me feel guilty but what was I supposed to do in this hell?
In a moment of madness I drowned her because there was nobody to tell.
She could have wrecked my whole life and my very existence, by ringing a bell
But I still have to live with the guilt of my sins, it's like being trapped down a well.


By listener

© 2018 listener (All rights reserved)


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