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Love cannot hide
'Love cannot Hide.'
A Collaboration by,
Eva Marie Cagley.
Michael .P. Clarke.

I reach out to you and clasp your hand.
Your love shining through your eyes.
I behold a man taking a stand,
I see through you and your disguise.

My love is hidden to all but you,
every mask of mine you do remove.
within my arms you find love so true,
to you my tender love i need not prove.

It is a gift, surely a surprise,
to have Heaven's door open before my eyes.
I have dreamt of you in a starry night,
my knight in armour, with such delight.

Within the stars we shall share of our love,
i set your heart to sing like love's dove.
Your temple i caress with kisses divine,
in Heaven's perfection you ever shall shine.

Oh mortal man your lips so warm,
you make my heart to quiver.
This love to me is such a delight,
it makes my body shiver.

Come dream with me of love's delight,
see behind each mask i wear.
You find the love i hide within my heart,
of love's passion we ever share..

By Raggedyann

© 2019 Raggedyann (All rights reserved)


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