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Do You Ever Wish----
Times do you ever wish the children was still small?
Even times they made you feel like climbing the walls
Times you though oh I need help today
Now thoughts come my way
If only they was playing ball in the house
If only the girls was arguring over a blouse
Or the boys fighting over the little cars
Did you ever wish the children was still small?
If only you could hug them good night
Tuck in the bed so tight
Times was hard for me
Only now the children are grown up as they should be
I miss there funny little ways
Way back in those days
We had a deep hill to climb still hard at times
Only now I feel bad and miss all mine
Does your mind ever run so far ?
If only the children was still small.
I have a bunch well just seven
And often think of the twins in heaven.
If only they was stll running through the house or saying play with me
When I had so much to do but took the time for play to be.
If only I could still hear them say there prayers at night
And say to me I love you with a hug so tight.
Times I wish I could keep them in a bubble in a glass jar
Did you ever wish the children was still small

By just_little_me

© 2018 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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