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Not Buried in the Grave
Tears for Mama . . .
Tears for Daddy, too.
Life has changed a lot
Since I lost both of you.

Now, that I'm a mama
I understand so much more
What a mama and daddy
go through.

Because now that I'm a mama
I'm going through the worry
and the woe of loving and
raising my children,
and having to let them go.

I didn't know as a child growing
up in your care, that being
a mama or daddy could be so
hard a thing to do, until I lost
the two of you. . . You both
were always there, when I needed

Now, that I'm a mama, and my
children, like yours, grew up and away.
Now, that I'm alone-I understand,
the satisfices mamas and daddys make
everyday -even after their children are grown
and move away.

I am a mama blessed and I owe it to the
both of you-who never stopped loving me,
no matter what I put you through.

Your love for me is not buried in the grave
Your love for me touches, and warms
my life every day.

-Jan Tetstone

4:54pm September 30, 2018

By Heartsong

© 2019 Heartsong (All rights reserved)


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