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Fighting Part One.

Its starts with the drip, the drip of Ďmaybe notí,
It ends with, where did I get myself into, Ďplease make it stopí.
Not to be Ďemoí, but this is all my fault.
I guess unresolved issues, yes I said it,
Now I guess I told.

I donít want to talk about pain or events,
Because some pain you just do not talk about.
I guess all of this distress is in my own hands,
It is nobodyís fault,
I was just too stubborn,
To let the pain come out, and be born,
The scare of a plenary storm.

Liking this structure youíve build yourself,
Where everything happened, be like something,
Something you could handle, itíll be your own little hell.
Never thought, my own shell, that sting,
Would be so bad.

I am paused, my person stopped evolving,
Itís cocoon, is waiting for the second winter,
The first winter, my life stopped,
I thought Iíd be okay by now,
But the truth of the matter is,
I just adjusted to my life around,
Never thought a ginormous storm like this, would be dropped.

Nobody really knows me,
But maybe that is my own glasses,
Its either I donít want to, or I donít let them see,
Blending into the masses,
Who the * am I?

I am here.
I am this to who,
And I am who to what,
I am there,
I am,

I canít let more,
of this door, open.

I am sorry,
I try to continue this, when I feel I can.
Donít worry,
Fighting with a mental fist,
I will beat this faze like a Woman.

Norwegian Helmet, THANK YOU, for releasing my BLOCK <3

By Xibell

© 2018 Xibell (All rights reserved)


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