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The shadowed halls of yesterday.
The temple lay hushed in the silence of a dawn
Where the prayers of its morning had yet to be born,
Even whispers stopped crying for heaven to rise
As the sun slowly rose after rubbing its eyes,
And the mountains of peace lay in slumbering repose
Wrapped in mystical memories beneath their deep snows,
Only clouds drifted quietly over blue skies
With no need for hello’s and no need for goodbyes.

The temple was green ,a far yesterday gleam
Before some could wonder and others could dream,
When history felt like when the world was still young
When deeds were still Knightly and songs were still sung,
Algae down its columns had dimmed with the years
To darkened reminders that history still shares,
When priests tumbled their Prayer wheels in rumbling tones
And seeking life’s answers they cast their rune stones.

The temple remembered when prayers always came free
And when life was us all, not just you or just me,
And in its halls of cloistered shades, dreams slept in the shade
They never noticed sunrises or watched the evening fade,
They just waited for someone to call and bring their dreams again
So they could swim within themselves, with no need to explain,
For in the depths of slumber there are no limits and no time
They know sooner or later they will finish off their rhyme.

By 33whitby4654

© 2018 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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