Bethesda's faithful servant.
Pleasant words are as a honeycomb,
sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.'
Proverbs 16:4

Bower Birds.

With an eye for color and a hope in the heart
many years are spent building a home
in the backwoods, burrowed near the root of a tree
'neath a warm and approachable dome.

Welcoming matt from the ends of the earth
red carpet at the door of the bower
where gatherings of blossomed tranquility
sweetly scented petals trail of the flower.

Songs that were offered from repertoire
pleasing arrangements, many a choice
schooled in the travels from there to afar
such oblations unrivalled the songbird's voice.

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Bethsesda's Faithful Servant.

You're a refuge like a blissful home, where fragile children trust
and dwell with kind and quiet folks, who share their special brand of love

So on behalf of all children, blessed by honeycombs of words from you
Thank you for your gentle ways ...He watches over all you say and do...

songs embedded

By Debera

© 2018 Debera (All rights reserved)


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