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Carpet Stream

cold clap in the dark
gay to the touch it seams
parting to extreme
you got mugged in between
famous wedding to confide
we made it on either side
the vigilant seals the glue
onto nothing quite new
stay clear from the radiance

we labor for life's bread
just to humbly get ahead
to wallow in the earthly myre
a one gun for hire
nestled in the in between
polished by the king

carpet stream
lay hold of the scene
it is in latent grammar pleased
choose the rotten seal the deal
love was etched the raised mockery

sought through violation in between
the chatter of the great here after
columns of sought after chatter
there is much violence in the matter
solemn peaks in the chamber door
that by which to humbly explore

ever so often we create a vice
another chance by which to roll th dice
barren in the empty sea
come and sit right next to me
what is one willing to achieve
through painted sky
onto do what you may please

By Mario William Vitale

© 2018 Mario William Vitale (All rights reserved)


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