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walking amongst the flowing green, the trees with
their radiant shade,
the peaceful air which saturates hill, nook and
shady glade ;
natures' blessings such a treat, we're foolish not to
through God's great power and wisdom, all this
wonder he does deploy.

the Master's hand is hard at work, creating with true
everything planned with especial care, no need for
careful correction;
He really plans things down to a tee, His handwork
magnificent and grand,
God in all his caring and love, replenishs all of the

the splendor and wonder of creation, transfixs and
sets in our mind,
it fills us with wonder and mystery, of this Creator so
love-filled and kind ;
the world is so rich in its' treasure, the magic is deep and sublime,
how dare we take it for granted, let's relish it all for
all time.

By Wooleyman

© 2018 Wooleyman (All rights reserved)


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