Get Rid Of The Advertisements


Each night on the news that I watch on TV,
Another school kid’s gone on another shooting spree
Because some bully has pushed ‘em to the brink.
People should be tolerant of diversity; don’t you think?
Anti-bullying campaigns just ain’t getting’ it.
Instead, school-yard violence has become an epidemic!

What’s happening in this world? ------ Better go ask ALICE.

Weapons pouring into schools…guns, fists, and knives.
All that pent up anger’s likely to cost lives.
Teens throwin’ shade on Facebook and Snapchat,
Saying hateful things they’d never say face-to-face.
Between teaching lessons, this… teachers try to combat.
Bullying in school hallways has become commonplace
Teachers being trained, not to just educate
But to Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate.

What’s happening in this world? ------ Better go ask ALICE.

In addition to algebra, English, and biology,
We need to teach our students kindness and empathy,
But we also must teach students how to protect
Against these current horrors that none of us expect,
The importance of inclusion as a counter to malice,
To be generous, thoughtful, forgiving, instead of callous.

What’s happening in this world? ------ Better go ask ALICE.

Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate

By grasshoppereyes

© 2018 grasshoppereyes (All rights reserved)


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