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The Ending Of A lasting Pain
It`s inevitable this day would come
I was here, you didn`t see me
I wanted to listen, you didn`t talk
I wanted to understand, you didn`t explain
You were always to busy
I called your phone, you didn`t answer
I left you messages, you didn`t respond
What your reasons were, I didn`t know
When we did talk, there was always doubt
With what was said or what it was about
You played a game with words just to hide the truth
You played it so much in your world
It became your way of life
Now that day is here and reality hit you
You can say all you want, but the words won`t be heard
Because now I can`t hear you
You can look at me, but I can`t see you now
You try to explain but the words don`t matter now
I no longer can say I Love You
I can no longer call you just to hear your voice
All that will be left are the memories
Both good and bad, but after a while
They will to be gone
Because you`ll again be to busy
It didn`t matter then and it doesn`t matter now
I`ll just be a fading memory in your mind
But I always loved you with all my heart
And that will never stop
Love you.


By MrBob

© 2018 MrBob (All rights reserved)


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