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Morning Beach, loving light

She wakes and sees a new light about,
As the heat of the sun hits her heart,
And shows her signs that were previously apart,
That her ego will not allow to tout.

She steps outside as the wind kisses her face,
She smells the air as its mixed with smog and oil,
The city can be rough as the mind tends to toil,
With past and present making a new case.

The city is busy and itís time to drive,
She decides to take the freeway to the five,
Driving down pacific coast as the top is down,
Breeze feels pleasant as a woman to a new gown,
Exit is soon, as the past is blown,
Almost to the beach, where her mind can thrive.

Car is parked sandals on her feet,
Ready to walk though past defeat,
The sand is calling and the oceans at ease,
As she takes off her sandals allowing the sand to tease,
Walking through the beach at peace, ahh so sweet.

By Troylato

© 2018 Troylato (All rights reserved)


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